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5 Lies You've Been Told About Edibles

Edibles are getting a lot of press lately, but not all of it is good. When it comes to edibles, there are a lot of myths and rumors floating around. Some people think that edibles are only for beginners, while others believe that they're way more potent than smoking. Some people are still convinced that edibles are dangerous, and that's just not true. So in today's post, we're going to dispel five of the most common myths about edibles. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Lies You've Been Told About Edibles

Lie #1: Edibles Can Cause An Overdose

There are plenty of myths surrounding marijuana edibles, including this common question about overdosing. Because people often consume pot in food, especially hard candies or baked goods, many users believe they will get more stoned than if they smoke weed by itself. Unfortunately, they can easily take too much and end up way too high without even realizing it.

Because of misinformation like this, it's no wonder some people avoid trying marijuana or edibles at all because they think it's "too strong." The truth is you cannot overdose from THC when it is in an edible form. In fact, there have been zero recorded deaths from marijuana.

That being said, the law of dosage certainly applies with edibles just as it does with smoking or vaping marijuana. Too much can cause anxiety and paranoia for some people that they typically do not experience by simply smoking or vaping marijuana.

Lie #2: Edibles Are Too Strong Compared To Smoking Weeds!

It's easy to see why this myth has gained so much traction over the years because of how drastically different ingesting marijuana is than inhaling it. When you smoke or vape marijuana, the effects come on almost immediately but tend to dissipate within a couple of hours. But when you ingest marijuana orally through edibles, the effects are much more intense and last for at least two or three hours, sometimes longer.

But the fact is, even though it might take longer for edibles' effects to set in, they tend to be much more focused and potent than smoking because cannabinoids directly enter your bloodstream instead of hitting your lungs first. Plus, you don't have to eat as many edibles as you would joint or bong rips to get really elevated.

Two to four milligrams of THC is generally enough for anyone with a high tolerance to feel the effects from marijuana edibles; less if ingested on an empty stomach and more if eaten on a full stomach.

It's also smart not to eat too many edibles at once: start by eating one or two milligrams of THC and wait a couple of hours before ingesting more. The effects can sneak up on you if you eat too much, which is why it's always a good idea to have a marijuana edibles guide at the ready when trying a new edible for the first time.

Lie #3: The High From Eating Weed Edibles Isn't As Good As Smoking Weed!

You've probably heard people say that smoking weed gets you higher than eating edibles, but this actually doesn't hold true. People get high from both smoking weed and ingesting marijuana edibles because they are both forms of administering cannabinoids into your body; however, scientists have discovered that you don't necessarily need to light up to get super-high. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland found that eating marijuana delivers a different and more relaxed kind of high compared to smoking marijuana.

In order to get high from eating edibles, the THC from marijuana must first be absorbed by your stomach and then transported to your liver, where it's metabolized into 11-hydroxy-THC, a more powerful form of THC. Inhaling marijuana sends THC straight to your brain without going through the digestive process. This means that if you eat marijuana instead of smoking, you'll typically need a lot less in order to feel its effects.

Lie #4: Labels Are Always Correct

Study shows that marijuana edibles are not always labeled accurately with regards to their THC content. When testing 47 different edible products, the researchers found that only 17% of them contained accurate labeling when it came to THC levels.

The actual levels were on average 86% higher than what was indicated on the product label. Of course, there's no telling how many of these tested products were inaccurately labeled due to errors in the manufacturing process or deliberate efforts to deceive consumers. Regardless, if you purchase an edible product, don't believe it is "100%" effective unless independent laboratory testing verifies its THC content!

Consumers want to know what they are ingesting, especially for medical reasons. It's also not uncommon for consumers to bring marijuana edibles to work with them and share them with colleagues; they've all heard the urban legend that marijuana edibles take 30 minutes or more before you feel anything. Edible products that don't provide label information about their THC content is like giving someone something without any ingredients list - no one wants to do this!

Lie #5: All Edibles Are Created Equal

The scramble to get on the marijuana edibles market has led many new companies to cut corners and use misinformed practices when creating their products. Well-established brands, too, have made some pretty questionable edible choices that are bad for your health and can be downright dangerous.

You want to find a trustworthy dispensary if this is going to be your first time trying an edible because they come in many different strengths and strains. Try asking friends who have experience with marijuana edibles if they know of a good place or just do some research on the internet before you go shopping.

We’ve addressed the 5 most common lies that people have been told about edibles so you can make an educated decision before you buy. If you are looking for a reliable dispensary to purchase your cannabis products, give us a call today! Our team is ready to answer any questions or provide guidance on how best to incorporate these principles into your everyday life. Call now and let's talk!

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