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3 Steps To Harvest Your Cannabis Seeds

Now that you have successfully grown your cannabis plants, it is time to harvest the seeds! This can be a fun and rewarding process, but it is important to do it correctly. In this article, we will discuss 3 steps that will help you harvest your cannabis seeds safely and efficiently. Let's get started!

3 Steps To Harvest Your Cannabis Seeds

The Best Time to Harvest Your Cannabis Seeds

The best time to harvest your cannabis seeds is when the plants are mature. You can determine the maturity of the plant by observing the color of the pistils. The pistils will change from white to orange or brown as the plant matures. You will also want to pay attention to the trichomes on the plant. 

Trichomes are tiny crystals that cover the surface of the plant. They will change from clear to milky white as the plant matures. When you observe these changes, it is time to harvest your cannabis seeds! Harvesting your cannabis seeds is a simple process that just requires a little bit of patience and observation.

  • Get the best results by harvesting your cannabis seeds at the right time

  • Observe the color of the pistils to determine maturity

  • Look for changes in trichomes to determine when to harvest

  • Harvesting is a simple process - just requires patience and observation

You will need the following tools to harvest cannabis:

  • a set of premium latex or rubber gloves without powder

  • a tidy, sharp pair of shears or scissors

  • a big plastic tray or container to hold the chopped branches

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • rags

  • you can fasten your branches with some rope or string so they can hang and dry.

  • anything, such as clothesline, wardrobe dowel, etc., from which to hang the branches.

Remember that wearing gloves will keep the sticky resin from sticking to your hands and make collecting the resin easier if you decide to produce hashish. Additionally, the cutting tool's blades will gather resin, which you can scrape off to create a hash. For this reason, your scissors or shears must be clean before you use them. Instead of keeping plants intact, it is preferable to chop branches apart to allow for more ventilation when drying.

Harvest Your Cannabis Seeds in 3 Easy Steps

It's Harvest time! Harvesting your cannabis seeds is a 3 step process that is simple and easy to do. All you need is a little patience and the proper equipment. Here are the 3 steps to harvest your cannabis seeds:

Step 1: Check Your Plants

The first step is to take a close look at your plants and determine which ones are ready for harvest. You'll want to look for things like:

  • The color of the pistils (hairs) on the plant. They should be dark brown or red, not white.

  • Trichomes. These are the tiny crystals on the leaves and buds of the plant. You can check their readiness with a magnifying glass. They should be milky white or amber.

Wait a few more days if you're unsure if your plant is ready; it's always better to stay on the side of caution. Better too late than too early!

Step 2: Cut Down Your Plants

Once you've determined which plants are ready, it's time to cut them down. You'll want to use sharp, clean shears for this step. Cut the main stem of the plant first, then trim off any smaller branches. Be careful not to damage the buds as you're cutting!

Step 3: Dry and Cure Your Buds

Now that your plants are trimmed and cut down, it's time to dry and cure the buds. Hang them upside down in a dark, cool place with good air circulation. Check on them daily, and give them a gentle shake every few days. After about two weeks, they should be dry and ready to enjoy!

Harvesting your cannabis seeds is a great way to ensure a high-quality product. By following these simple steps, you can produce some of the best weeds around!

Tips for a Successful Cannabis Harvest

While many cannabis farmers view harvest as the end of the growing process, it is just the beginning. It takes careful processing, drying, and curing after the crop cycle to transform your flower from scraggly homegrown cannabis to cannabis of the highest quality. Here are some tips for making the most of your cannabis harvest:

  • Start early in the morning before the sun becomes too hot if your plants are outside.

  • Start with the buds that are growing on the top half of the plant if you don't want to wait for the ideal time to harvest and would prefer to get started sooner. The rest of the plant is unaffected by harvesting these first-to-mature portions. Take these and let the others ripen.

  • The color composition of the buds on the lower portion of the plant differs just a little. They mature later than the upper half, which explains why.

  • You can evaluate the trichomes' color with a magnifying glass. Those buds are suitable for harvesting if they are hazy rather than translucent. Buds currently contain the highest THC levels. Your THC levels have started to decrease if your trichomes have become amber because THC is being converted to CBN.

  • Try picking buds at various times if this is your first time harvesting. After that, you'll be able to sample buds harvested at various dates, giving you an excellent notion for the future.

  • Try to keep large branches attached during harvesting. The "Y" or "V" shape that branches form will come in handy because it makes drying items much easier to hang up.

  • Use quality equipment and treat your plants with the utmost care. You don't want to lose all of those tasty trichomes throughout the harvesting process because it's equally crucial to harvest as it is to grow.

The Conclusion

It can take a few tries to figure out when to harvest a particular kind of cannabis because knowing when to harvest cannabis is an art. Additionally, you can have particular preferences for the proportion of milky and amber trichomes you desire on your plant when it's time to harvest.

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