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How To Tell The Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Seeds

When growing cannabis, it is important to know how to distinguish between male and female plants. This is because the female plants are the ones that produce buds with THC, whereas the male plants do not contain any cannabinoids and are used for breeding purposes only. In this article, we will discuss how to tell the difference between male and female cannabis seeds. So let's get started!

How To Tell The Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Seeds

How to Spot a Male or Female Cannabis Seed

The short answer is that if you have a few unidentifiable seeds, it's almost impossible to determine male or female. The only true way to tell the plant's gender is to grow the seed and wait for it to mature.

After a few weeks, the plant will begin to pre-flower or form a tiny bud at the base of a branch. The formation of pistillate, which are faint and white, is one of the first indications that your cannabis plant is female. Pollen sacs produced by males look rounded with distinct longitudinal divisions running lengthwise, somewhat like a tiny crab claw. These are the structures that growers look for to determine whether or not their plants are male or female.

  • Avoid wasting time and money on growing the wrong plant

  • Easy to use, just look for the pollination sacs

  • Get your plants in the right stage of growth quickly

  • Keep your grow operation running smoothly

If you're looking for more accurate, scientific ways to determine your plant's gender, several labs can sex your plant as soon as it germinates, removing the time-consuming, often 6 weeks of waiting to find its gender.

The Male Weed Seeds

Pollen is produced by male weed seeds, which is necessary for female weed plants to reproduce naturally. Male weed seeds can be identified by the tiny pods that grow on the main stem's internodes. There are no white hairs on it. These pods crack open and discharge pollen as they reach maturity.

  • Weed seeds are essential for reproduction

  • Male weed seeds can be identified by their tiny pods

  • Pollen is discharged from the pods as they reach maturity

  • White hairs are not present on male weed plants

The quality and yield of your female plant are hampered by male plants, which are also less attractive. Pollen is produced and pollen sacks form by males. Male weed seeds are frequently ganglier than those that are female. They can develop into tall, slender trees with wider branches and fewer fan leaves also known as larger inter-nodal spacing.

Depending on the region, male seeds start producing pollen between the middle of July and the middle of September. Compared to female weed seeds and plants, male weed seeds and plants grow vertically and have fewer branches and leaves. They consequently come across as frail and ill.

The Female Weed Seeds

Cannabis seeds from female plants have very fine, white hair. At the tip of the stem, they appear in pairs, internodes, and branches. These hairs become thicker and more numerous as the plant blooms, eventually turning orange.  By the end of July in the Northern Hemisphere and the end of January in the Southern Hemisphere, it may be possible to determine the sexual identity of the plant.

Once the plant displays the "v"-shaped structure known as the pistils, female seeds can be separated from male seeds. The third and fourth internodes of the stem are where the pistils emerge. Compared to male seeds, female weeds are frequently smaller and bushier.

  • Female seeds are smaller and bushier than male seeds

  • Easily identifiable thanks to the "v"-shaped structure of pistils

  • Often produce more potent buds than male plants

  • Can be harvested earlier than male plants

The blossoms are allowed to grow and mature so that the recreational component tetrahydrocannabinol may be generated; female weed seeds that have not been pollinated are referred to as "sinsemilla," which translates as "without seeds" (THC). A female plant's energy shifts to the generation of seeds when it is pollinated by a nearby male plant.

Myths About Identifying The Sex From The Appearance of Cannabis Seeds

There are many misconceptions about how to tell if a cannabis seed is male or female. One of the most typical is that female seeds have perfectly circular, volcano-like imprints underneath them. That is untrue. All seed kinds, regardless of gender, have the potential to develop crater-like impressions or indents. The myths about size and shape are among the others. There is no difference in size between male and female seeds.

Moreover, some people have theorized that male seeds are bulkier, ragged, or protruded, which would explain why, when rolled on a table, they sound like a flat tire. Female seeds, in contrast, are supposedly smoother and roll across a table more easily. This is also untrue. There is no relationship between form and sex; every seed can be any shape.

There are no other ways to determine the sex of cannabis seeds, to sum up. There is no scent, weight variation, or coloring. If you come across a chart online that lists these types of detection procedures, disregard it. You won't waste time cultivating and unintentionally pollinating your crops if you do this.

Conclusion: Male and Female Cannabis Seeds are Significantly Different

Although it might seem challenging, male and female weed seeds can be easily recognized because they differ greatly from one another. You must first familiarize yourself with their overall anatomy to appropriately identify weed seeds. The morphology and function of male and female weed seeds differ most significantly. Male and female weed seeds have a few potentially relevant characteristics in common, aside from the different flower types.

Knowing how to distinguish between male and female weed seeds is essential whether you want to cultivate your cannabis or if you are already a grower. You can distinguish between the two genders of weed seeds by being aware of their anatomy and functions.

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