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Top 10 Best Cannabis Drinks in 2022

As cannabis legalization continues to spread, so does the variety of cannabis-infused drinks on the market. While many of these drinks are little more than carbonated sugar water with a hint of weed, there are a few standouts that are worth your time. Here is our list of the 10 best cannabis drinks in 2022.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Drinks in 2022

1. STIDES - Strawberry Lemonade

STIDES is now available in liquid form in Strawberry Lemonade taste. Don't be fooled by the size. Strawberry Lemonade flavor contains 100 MG of THC in each 4oz container. STIDES Cannabis-infused shots work faster than traditional edibles and provide the most effective absorption into your system.

2. PABST | PBR Infused High Seltzer - LEMON

PABST | PBR High Seltzer LEMON 10mg is now available. Ideal for those seeking a more intense experience. Each 12 oz can contains 10mg of THC but just 25 calories. Because to their emulsion nanotechnology, their high seltzer works faster than the usual consumable and enables for the most effective absorption into your system, so you won't be left waiting to feel the effects.

3. WUNDER Higher Vibes - Grapefruit Hibiscus

A high-THC beverage that will both uplift your mind and calm your body. Enjoy a strong and wonderful shift in perception followed by waves of tranquility with 10mg Delta-9 THC and 10mg Delta-8 THC. Effervescent and made from 100% natural fruit juice. Chill before serving, either directly from the can or over ice.

4. STIDES - Blue Raz

If you're looking for a heavy hit that will have your head spinning in no time, this is the product. Each bottle contains 100mg of THC and comes from STIDES Cannabis Infused shots which are quicker than most edibles because they absorb into our system much faster!

5. Cann Ginger Lemongrass Social Tonic

This Spring Seasonal taste is zesty and smooth, and it was created to put a little spring in your step. Ginger Lemongrass will take you to that spring fever frame of mind with no hangover, all-natural ingredients, and only 35 calories per can.

6. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops - UNPLUGGED 18mg CBD & 1mg THC

This CBD-rich beverage includes 18mg of CBD and less than 2mg of THC, resulting in a soothing and relaxing effect with little to no euphoric impact. It's a great alternative to booze whether you're relaxing or trying to get things done.

7. Khemia Zen Sips - Chakra Chai - Infused Beverage Mix

Khemia is proud to provide you with a drink that's both delicious and good for your health. Their drinks are vegan, gluten-free - no added sugars or calories! Simply add your favorite milk and you'll be sipping your way to a great day.

8. Cann Grapefruit Rosemary Social Tonic

Grapefruit Rosemary is a citrusy and smooth flavor that is sure to satisfy. A Grapefruit Rosemary Cann is a flavorful and fresh drink that is wonderful for socializing. Have one or five of these delectable tiny drinks are pleasant and will not leave you feeling guilty.

9. Keef Classic Purple Passion

Introducing the most refreshing, grape flavor infused cannabis soda you'll ever try! With a perfect sweetness and fizz that will have your taste buds begging for more. This beverage contains 10mg of THC per serving but can only be found in recreational markets at this time.

10. Mary Jones Cannabis Co Orange & Cream Soda

Jones Soda is a carbonated, fast-acting beverage that's flavoured just like the classic soft drink you know and love. It has an amazing effect on your taste buds; one sip will have them feeling super thirsty for hours! Try out each season to see new flavors - they are always delicious!!

So, what’s the bottom line? If you’re looking for a great cannabis drink to help you wind down after a long day or just want to enjoy something different than your average beer or wine, check out any of these 10 drinks. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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