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Bohart Museum of Entomology

University of California, Davis, Academic Surge, Room 1124, Building, 455 Crocker Ln, Davis, CA 95616

The Bohart Museum of Entomology in Davis, California is a must-see for any insect enthusiasts. It's the largest university-based collection in the world with over 18 million specimens. The museum was founded by Professor Charles H. Bohart, who had an extensive interest in insects and entomology that he passed on to his son Jack Bohart. Today, it's home to many fascinating exhibitions like "The World of Beetles" which features more than 1,000 species from around the globe!

Bohart Museum of Entomology

The Bohart Museum of Entomology was established on the campus of University California, Davis in 1946. The museum houses a collection that spans all continents and countries with 90% comprising insects from North America alone. These specimens range from aquatic to terrestrial arthropods including ants, beetles, butterflies & moths as well as spiders! Visiting the museum is educational because you can:

  • Get up close and personal with more than 7 million insects

  • Browse through insect specimens from all over the globe

  • Learn about some of the world's most fascinating insects

When the museum was named after Richard M. Bohart, he contributed to its main responsibilities: research and education outreach. The global insect order Hymenoptera is one of his taxonomic specialties with three areas of interest which include freshwater non-insect arthropods and California's insects' fauna as well.

The UC Davis Entomology Department is well supported by the museum, which provides research funding and offers educational resources to support faculty in teaching courses. The Museum's Biological Control Group plays a particularly important role when it comes to this collaboration because they conducted groundbreaking research on insects that can help control pests like mosquitoes and ticks - an area of study that holds great importance for the University as Californians face constant threats from diseases carried by these types of bugs.

  • Research opportunities for students

  • Educational resources that are useful in the classroom

Additionally, at the undergraduate level students benefit greatly from having access to insect specimens housed within the collection; such objects serve not only as learning tools but also provide opportunities for discovery where researchers might find previously unknown species or even new strains!

The UC Davis Bohart Museum of Entomology is a renowned research museum that receives thousands of specimens each year. The content comes from university staff, student programs, and the public who donated to them. Every year they loan out 7400 specimens across local and foreign scholars for study which contributes to their high publishing rate among workers here as well as around the world.