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Is There A Limit To How Many Cannabis Products You Can Buy In California?

California is one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis use, and it's no surprise that there are a lot of questions about what you can actually buy. How much weed can you possess? When will edibles be available? Is there a limit to how many products I can purchase in one day? This article will answer all your questions!

Adults 21 and older in California may now legally possess marijuana, according to a January 1 deadline. Despite the legalization, many local governments have not yet updated their laws to comply with this new legislation, which might result in legal ramifications if they are broken. This means that buying more than what is legal can get you in trouble.

So How Many Cannabis Products Can You Buy In California?

Adults 21 and older are permitted to own or acquire 1 ounce or less of cannabis, up to six cannabis plants, or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate each day, as well as 28.5 grams of marijuana for personal use only from a state-licensed adult-use retail store.

Patients who have a doctor's prescription can purchase varying amounts of cannabis on a daily basis. They may buy or plant up to 12 cannabis plants and possess up to 8 ounces of medical cannabis in the form of dried mature flowers or the amount their physician recommends.

Other Laws Governing Cannabis In California

  • Adults who consume more than the legal quantity for recreational cannabis can be prosecuted with a misdemeanor and face up to 6 months in county prison or a fine amounting to $500.

  • Selling marijuana in California is still illegal without a state or local license. For the most part, breaking these regulations will result in misdemeanor charges for possession with intent to sell and could be considered as felonies if you have an extensive criminal history that includes many past drug offenses.

  • In public, it is unlawful to consume, smoke, ingest, or vape cannabis. It is against the law to open a package containing cannabis or other cannabis-related items in a public place. Parks and walkways, as well as commercial and residential areas, are examples of this.

  • Even if cannabis is legal in California, it is still unlawful to consume or possess marijuana on federal property, including national parks, even if the park is in California.

  • It is not advisable to transport cannabis across state lines. Even if you reside in a marijuana legalization state, it is unlawful to import cannabis into another jurisdiction where the usage of marijuana is prohibited by law.

  • You are allowed to use cannabis on private property, but if you are renting a place, owners and landlords may prohibit its use.

  • Despite the growing legalization of cannabis, it is still illegal in many places. For example, you can't smoke weed at a bar or restaurant where smoking cigarettes are also not allowed!

  • Marijuana plants must be kept in a safe area that is not accessible to children, whether they are cultivated inside or outdoors.

With the legalization of marijuana in California, many consumers are wondering if there is a limit to how many cannabis products they can buy. If you want more details on this topic, give us a call and let us provide all the information and support you need!


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