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Best Cannabis Dispensary in Northern California 2020: Dixon Wellness Collective

Dixon Wellness Collective in a very short time has built a reputation as a professional and well-educated cannabis dispensary. “We provide our members with the most comfortable and professional atmosphere to ensure an enjoyable experience,” says owner Haley Andrew. “Whether a medical patient or a recreational consumer, you will be provided with comprehensive information on cannabis use and attentive assistance to help you find the right product for your needs.” The mission at Dixon Wellness Collective is to provide the local community with a wide variety of affordable cannabis options in a safe, positive and education-focused environment. “For our customers, our mission is to provide safe and affordable access to cannabis in a comfortable and educated environment,” Andrew says. “For our community, our mission is to show the citizens of Dixon and surrounding areas that we are able to provide a positive light to our community by helping our community in many different ways, besides the tax revenue that is brought in monthly.” The team at Dixon Wellness works hard to provide the best cannabis experience to their members. “We continuously are holding cannabis education for our staff to ensure that they are ahead of the curve for all science-based cannabis research,” Andrew says. “We want our staff to be able to answer every question that our members have, to help build the trusting relationship that we have with many of our current members. “Many of our customers notice this, and compliment our staff on their knowledge regarding cannabis. We love to help the person who has been told their whole life how dangerous cannabis is, just to show them how it can be extremely helpful in your everyday life,” Andrew says. “There is so much misinformation in our field and we all feel that it is our duty and responsibility to help educate our communities on how cannabis can be helpful and less harmful on your body than some of your current medications.” The dispensary opened in June 2018 and was a force since day one. “I believe that this is partially due to how we came into this community,” Andrew says. “We were the first dispensary in Dixon – a small town, on a long stretch of highway, that did not have any access to safe and affordable cannabis. We worked very hard with the city of Dixon to get our doors open.” “Many thought that we would not be very busy and we have shown that through hard work and perseverance, we were able to make a name for ourselves,” Andrew says. “When we opened the shop it was literally me, my husband, our board members and family that helped us open our doors the very first day. From there we now have a team of 16 employees that have become our second family. I think this shows for customers when looking for a local shop to call their home. We want our customers to feel welcomed and at home with us, so that they trust our recommendations for what products could help them.” Dixon Wellness Collective also supports local events in Dixon and the surrounding areas to, as Andrew says, “help spread the right education of cannabis and how it can help many different types of people.” Runners-up: Rio Vista Farms, US Bloom Collective Dixon Wellness Collective

  • Address: 1150 N. First St., Suite B, Dixon

  • Phone: 707-640-1147

  • Email:

  • Website:

  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday

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