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Beginner's Guide To Buying Cannabis In California

The state of California has legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. But, even though it is legal to buy and sell marijuana in California, there are still some rules that must be followed when buying cannabis products. This article will provide you with a beginner's guide to purchasing weed legally in California while staying on the right side of the law. The following information will help you understand how and where to purchase your first batch of weed legally in all parts of California:

Beginner's Guide To Buying Cannabis In California
  • Find A Licensed Cannabis Collective

As of 2018, California has made recreational cannabis use legal for adults 21 years and older. However, the state is still working out its regulation laws surrounding the buying process for consumers. This means that you need to be aware of what licensing or permits your local dispensary has before doing business with them. Licensed dispensaries are able to provide their patients with safe products as well as purchase all types of medical marijuana from licensed growers in California.

Whether you've been using medical cannabis to treat a chronic illness or simply want better quality control over where your weed comes from, it's important that any company selling this product meet certain standards put forth by the government agencies charged with regulating these businesses--especially when they're operating within limited access states.

The quality of the cannabis product will vary according to whether or not it's been tested by an outside lab for contaminants and potency, so going with collectives who have gone through this process ensures a safe purchase. In addition, some cultivators don't want anything on their product's label that may suggest it has been tested, so going to a dispensary with its own testing lab allows for better quality control.

Legal cannabis dispensaries are the best option when you're looking for safe products because they have gone through rigorous licensing applications to be able to distribute this type of medicine within their state--and are still required by law to conduct background checks on all employees who handle medical marijuana or work in any part of the process.

If your weed comes from an illegal source, there is no guarantee as to where it came from or what kind of pesticides were used during cultivation. And without proper government regulation, these businesses can do whatever they want and lie about how much THC is actually contained in each strain.

  • Do Your Research Before Buying Cannabis

It is important to do your research before buying cannabis. You should know what type of strain you are looking for and have an idea of the effects that specific strain has on individuals so you can feel confident about the purchase. Before making a decision you will need to consider factors such as price, location, product availability, etc.

Doing this beforehand will save time later in trying to find exactly what strains or products work best for them at their local dispensary or store. Doing some preliminary research online can help by giving people an idea of the types of descriptions available depending on where they live.

It's also good to see if there are any reviews written online about different dispensaries or stores that are offering similar services then help guide customers into certain purchasing decisions. It's important to know what you want before walking into a dispensary so that the process of buying cannabis is more efficient and will help weed out some unneeded stress.

  • A Valid Government ID Needed Before You Can Buy Cannabis

There are many reasons that a valid government ID is needed before buying cannabis. For example, it protects customers by verifying their age and identity. It also helps dispensaries ensure they do not sell to minors or anyone who might be intoxicated when purchasing marijuana products.

There are some states where even with the passing of recreational cannabis laws, you still need to be over 21 years of age. This is not one of those cases. However, there is a bit more that goes into buying weed than just walking up and asking for it by name or number at your local dispensary.

You will need to present a valid government-issued photo ID in order to purchase any form of a marijuana product. So if you're carrying around an expired license because you thought about renewing but never got around to it - now would be a good time as any!

  • Bring Cash To A Cannabis Dispensary

When you walk into a dispensary, don't be surprised to find ATM machines inside. It's because buying marijuana in California is still illegal under federal law and most banks that do business with dispensaries are leery of doing so for fear the feds will take their bank accounts away from them. So carrying cash isn't just polite—it's common sense when it comes to purchasing pot legally in California.

  • Know How Much Cannabis You Can Buy Legally

You don't want to get arrested for buying too much. It's illegal to possess more than 28.35 grams of cannabis, which is an ounce in weight or about one-eighth of a pound (it gets confusing when you're talking ounces because there are two kinds) or eight "bud sites" as they're called by the pros at dispensaries, meaning that if your weed comes wrapped in multiple plastic baggies then it counts each individually toward your total allowance—you can have up to seven bags with less than an ounce inside them. So basically just stay under 28 and you'll be fine.

We hope you’ve learned some helpful tips about how to buy cannabis in California! Remember, if you have any questions or want help with the process of researching and purchasing your weed products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team at Dixon Wellness Collective is eager to answer all of your queries and provide expert guidance on which strains might be best for you.

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