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The 5 Types of Edibles You Need to Know

As more and more states legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, the number of people looking to enjoy its benefits is growing. Edibles are one popular way to consume cannabis, but they can be confusing for first-timers. There are a few types of edibles that you should know about before you start experimenting. Here are the five most common ones.

The 5 Types of Edibles You Need to Know

Why Are Marijuana Edibles Popular Among Cannabis Consumers?

For one, they offer a different and more potent high than smoking or vaporizing. Edibles also provide a longer-lasting effect with an easier way to dose your cannabis intake. What is best about edibles? They can be baked into just about any type of food imaginable: brownies, cookies, cakes, and most importantly - for those on a gluten-free diet - there is no need to worry about molding agents!  With great taste and ease in the preparation process, marijuana edibles are popular among cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.

According to Weedmaps, out of the total U.S. recreational marijuana sales in 2015, 45 percent came from edible cannabis products, while only 37 percent came from dried buds.

Marijuana edibles for sale include brownies, cupcakes, cookies, gummy bears, lollipops, sour belts, suckers mints, chocolates (such as caramels), hard candy (such as fruit loops), and more. You name it! As long as businesses have the right weed ingredients and a creative mind they can whip up pretty much anything marijuana edible-related.

Let's look at the 5 most common types of edibles in the market today!

1. Gummies

A gummy edible is a popular form of dispensary marijuana edible, but what exactly are gummy edibles? 

If you have been to your local dispensary and bought some weed, you might have been offered various types of edibles. There are usually cookies, brownies, candy bars, and a plethora of other delicious things. Gummy edibles may be a combination of all three or something completely different. It is actually possible to make them yourself at home as well.

Depending on what kind of gummies you buy from your local dispensary - these will come in all kinds of flavors ranging from Skittles to sour to apple flavor even bubble gum flavor! If you ever get the chance to choose your own gummy edibles at your dispensary, why not try something exotic?

  • Baked Edibles

Baked marijuana edibles are consumable items made out of marijuana. They can be either homemade or manufactured, but they must be able to deliver the same effect as smoking weed. The most common type of edible is brownies or cookies with cannabis mixed into them; however, you can find everything from drinks and candy to pizza sauce infused with pot. These types of marijuana edibles come in a wide variety, so knowing what your options are before buying will help you make better decisions when selecting what to buy.

The first baked good that comes to mind when thinking about a classic example of an edible is a brownie. This is probably because people have been adding weed to brownies long before the days of pot brownies. Marijuana-infused brownies are still quite popular today, but there are other options out there for baked goods lovers who don't want to eat a cake made with cannabis.

Cannabis cupcakes are another example of marijuana edibles. With so many ways to make them, it's no wonder they have become so popular in the world of recreational marijuana users. These types of marijuana edibles can be decorated and created with various designs on top depending on what they will be used for. For instance, soda bottle labels look great when placed on top of a cannabis cupcake that is being given as a gift or even just used as a party favor.

Pizzas are another thing that people have been using weed with for decades, yet not many people think about getting high off of it. You can easily make your own pot pizza at home if you have the correct ingredients and proper instructions on how to do so.


There are a number of ways to ingest cannabis, but one of the most interesting is through marijuana-infused beverages. The plant's oils can be mixed into pretty much any drink, including soda or tea. These drinks look and taste like regular beverages, but they have an extra kick that comes with each sip.

For medical marijuana patients, these types of edibles are great for those who want to medicate discreetly without having to smoke anything. Many people also find it more pleasant to medicate with foods instead of smoking or vaporizing weed.


Who doesn't love chocolate?

When making your own homemade cannabis chocolate bars at home, you will need to infuse either coconut oil or butter with cannabis. Coconut oil is a healthier choice than using butter but it doesn't taste quite as good. When making your oil infusion you should aim to keep the dosage at 10 grams of dry bud per cup of oil/fat.

To make homemade cannabis chocolates, you will need to melt 2 cups of chocolate chips in a pan with 1 cup of marijuana-infused coconut oil or butter using low heat. It is important to use low heat so that the THC doesn't burn off. You can also add any flavorings at this point such as peppermint extract, peanut butter, nuts, etc. Then let your mixture cool for 30 minutes before pouring it into molds and placing them in the fridge for 20-30 minutes until they've hardened.


Candy edibles come in a variety of shapes and colors and mimic the look of gummy bears, sour candies, hard candies, etc. They are infused with cannabis oil and contain high doses of THC. Cannabis hard candies, suckers, lollipops, and lozenges are dual-absorption products of low to medium strength.

So now that you know the different types of edibles, what’s next? Well, if you’re in California and are looking for a reliable dispensary to get your goods from, give us a call. We have everything you need to start stocking up on these five types of edibles. With our huge selection of products, you’ll be sure to find something to please your palate – and your mind too!

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