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Pros and Cons of Weed Delivery in California

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, there has been a lot of talk about weed delivery. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Well, that depends on who you ask. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of weed delivery in California and let you decide for yourself!

Pros and Cons of Weed Delivery in California


  • Convenience – One of the biggest benefits of weed delivery is that it makes getting your cannabis much easier and more convenient than having to go to a dispensary or buying from a dealer on the street corner. With just a few clicks on your phone, you can have your favorite strains delivered right to your door in no time. This makes it incredibly convenient for those who are always on the go or simply don’t want to deal with traffic and long lines at their local dispensary.

  • Privacy – Another big benefit of weed delivery is that it allows you to get high discreetly, without having anyone else know what you’re doing. Instead of being forced to leave your house and buy cannabis from a dispensary or dealer while looking like a criminal, weed delivery lets you get your medicine in total privacy with no one else knowing about it. This is a big plus for those who value their personal privacy and prefer not to have others judging them for using cannabis recreationally or medicinally.

  • Lack of sales tax – Many dispensaries charge a sales tax on cannabis purchases, which can add quite a bit to the cost of your purchase. However, since weed delivery only charges you for the marijuana itself and doesn’t add in any additional taxes or fees, it is much more affordable than buying from a dispensary where you have to pay an extra fee on top of the actual price of your product.

  • Better quality – When you order your weed online from established vendors that are known for their high-quality strains, you will usually end up getting better-quality product than what you would find at many dispensaries. This is because growers who sell directly to consumers online tend to produce higher-quality buds versus those who are simply growing cannabis for sale at local dispensaries. If you really need reliable, top-quality weed at a reasonable price, buying online is definitely the way to go.

  • Huge selection – Since many online marijuana vendors who focus on selling directly to consumers have a wider variety of strains than dispensaries do, they also tend to have more options when it comes to edibles and concentrates. This makes it possible for cannabis users to find exactly what they’re looking for in terms of strain selection without having to waste time sifting through an overly large inventory at their local dispensary trying to make up their mind.


  • Limited geographic boundaries – One big drawback of weed delivery services is that they are only offered in certain parts of the state where marijuana has been legalized, which means that if you live in a rural area or small town in California where weed has not yet been approved for legal use, chances are you won’t be able to benefit from weed delivery services. This can be a real inconvenience for those who live in areas where it may be difficult or even dangerous to go out and buy their cannabis from local dispensaries and dealers.

  • High prices – One of the biggest drawbacks of buying your weed online is that you usually end up paying significantly more than what people pay at locally owned dispensaries. Although this extra cost may seem annoying, keep in mind that you are getting a much better-quality product when buying online instead of picking up random bags off the street or purchasing garbage buds mass-produced indoors by large commercial growers who only care about making a profit.

  • Risk of scams – Due to lack of oversight and regulation in the online cannabis industry, there is always a risk that you may be scammed out of your money if you choose to order weed from an untrustworthy vendor. Since there are few legal guidelines for selling marijuana online in California, anyone could get away with selling garbage weed or even taking off with your money without ever delivering anything at all.

  • Less strain variety – One thing about buying weed online is that most vendors only carry certain strains, usually the same ones they have been growing for years or the ones that their loyal customers tend to buy most often. This can make it difficult for people who prefer more obscure strains when trying to find high-quality pot at a reasonable price since they will likely have to look further online or in local dispensaries.

  • Lack of steady supply – Another drawback of buying your weed online is that you may not always be able to find a consistent, reliable source of high-quality cannabis. Since there are countless individuals and companies selling marijuana illegally over the internet and only some are authorized to sell online by law, it can be hard to know who you can trust and where you will consistently get your product from on a regular basis. Without being able to gain access to affordable, quality buds on a weekly or monthly basis, many people end up having to turn back to dealers for their pot needs which often means paying more for less-reliable products.

So there you have it, the pros and cons of weed delivery in California. Honestly, it’s up to you whether or not you want to order your Mary Jane from the comfort of your couch. But if you do choose to partake, be sure to use a reputable and reliable dispensary!

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