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Are You Expected To Tip A Budtender At A Cannabis Collective In California?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

If you're new to California, or just recently moved here for any reason, one of the many things that might be on your mind is how much (or little) tipping is expected. This can be a sensitive subject because while some people may feel like it's their duty to tip every service worker they come across, others are more frugal with their money and would rather save up for bigger purchases than spend it all on small gratuities. With this in mind, "are you expected to tip a budtender at a cannabis collective in California?" If you're not sure about this topic then read below!

What Are Budtenders?

Budtenders at Cannabis Collectives are there to help you find your perfect strain, teach newbies about weed like a pro and answer all of those burning questions. It's an essential job in this industry especially since dealing with clients who have never smoked before can be difficult for both the dispensary worker as well anyone else working near them if they aren't aware of how much THC is contained within different products or what its effects might be on someone who smokes too many joints over time.

Budtenders are the heart of every shop. Whether you're just looking for some advice on which strain will make your day, or whether someone needs help to understand their options so that they can find what works best for them; budtenders have got everyone covered! It's an important job.

Should I Tip My Budtender?

As budtenders are such a crucial part of the dispensary experience, they deserve to be rewarded for their time and effort. If you're satisfied with what your budtender has done then it's definitely polite to tip them.

The counter of most dispensaries is full of tip jars. It makes sense because employees spend a significant amount of time assisting visitors in understanding their services, and customers should be happy to leave some extra cash behind for that kindness!

The amount you should tip is determined by the kind of service you got. Do you just want to make a quick purchase and know exactly what you want? A 5% gratuity is generally plenty. Did you have a lot of questions and spend a lot of time with them? It would be more acceptable if the percentage was closer to 20%.

So Why Do Some People Think That Tipping Is Not Necessary?

Some individuals object to tip jars becoming more frequent in dispensary environments. Others believe that while a budtender may be entitled to a tip for assisting them with identifying the strain most effective at treating their specific health condition, they should not have paid more when purchasing concentrates or beauty care products.

So Should You Tip Your Budtender Or Not?

Don't feel bad about leaving a tip if the dispensary staff was really nice. If they helped you out and made your experience there enjoyable, leave them some extra cash for their efforts! They deserve it more than anyone because people who give great customer service are usually not compensated well enough in any case- so this will be appreciated no matter what kind of job they do at dispensaries around town. A timely gesture goes miles towards making someone's day better and ours too!

The medical cannabis industry is booming in California, but the state has yet to issue clear guidelines for how much a customer should tip their budtender. Our team of experts can help provide guidance on any questions about tipping etiquette so that you feel confident with every transaction at dispensaries near me.


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